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Paul Theroux

Figures in a Landscape

People and Places

The Sunday Times bestseller Paul Theroux collects a rich feast of his writing and essays - from travel to personal memoir - published all together here for the first time Drawing together a fascinating body of writing from over 14 years of work, Figures in a Landscape ranges from profiles of cultural icons (Oliver Sacks, Elizabeth Taylor, Robin Williams) to intimate personal remembrances; from thrilling adventures in Africa to literary writings from Theroux's rich and expansive personal reading. Collectively these pieces offer a fascinating portrait of the author himself, his extraordinary life, restless and ever-curious mind.

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EAN: 9780241266496 | Verlag: Penguin UK | Erscheinungsjahr: 2018 | Einbandart: Kartoniert
Anzahl Seiten: 416 S. | Sprache: Englisch | Größe: 234 mm

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